This Statement applies to all Managers, Supervisors, Contractors, Sub-contractors, agency workers and any and all personnel employed by London City Contractors Ltd.

London City Contractors Ltd are committed to creating a working environment which is injury free and as such expects everyone to accept responsibility for the wellbeing of themselves and others.

Our Drugs and Alcohol Statement forms part of our commitment.

London City Contractors Ltd will take all reasonable steps possible to ensure that all personnel are made aware of this statement and our stance on health and safety at work,

In accordance with our commitment to health and safety and wellbeing all personnel will not

  1. report for duty if they have just consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs
  2. attend work in an unfit state due to alcohol or drug use
  3. be in possession of drugs of abuse on any London City Contractors Ltd workplace, office, site location or while in transit between sites / workplaces.
  4. consume alcohol or drugs at the workplace, office, site location or while in transit between sites / workplaces.

If London City Contractors Ltd suspects or has reason to believe that any of their personnel have taken or used alcohol or drugs they will not be permitted to enter any site or their relevant workplace.

All incidents should  be referred to the Managing Director or most senior member of the team on site who will manage the incident with care and professionalism.

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Part of the Considerate Construction Scheme

Which is setup to improve the image of the construction industry through best practice beyond standard statutory requirements.

Our team demonstrates a 'can do' attitude

With attention to deliver, a professional approach and quality of service which and has given rise to a large proportion of repeat business.

We recruit on recommendation

Which is why our workforce are amongst the safest and most reliable in the industry.

2020 Sustainability Vision

We’re committed to a being a sustainable business. Our Vision has been produced to provide us with an ambitious sustainability strategy.

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